Robert T. Matsui Community Service Award Honorees

2020 Award Honoree

Dr. Hazel Mahone
CEO of Vision 2000 and Veteran Educator

Dr. Hazel Mahone, a veteran educator, has taught at all levels of education, kindergarten – through the university. She has 2 masters degrees in education and psychology and a doctorate in educational leadership. She has worked as a principal, an assistant superintendent and served for six years as a superintendent. This position earned her the distinction of becoming the first female superintendent in Sacramento county.

Just prior to that honor, she became the deputy executive director of the California school boards association, where she remained for 6 years and assisted over 25 districts in their search for a new superintendent. At CSBA she created the prestigious public education hall of fame to honor and induct outstanding public high school graduates. In addition, she established the golden bell awards, which are presented annually to schools throughout California with exemplary educational programs.

Dr. Mahone has traveled abroad to study educational systems in Germany, Sweden, England, Russia and the Netherlands. While her awards are too numerous to list, it is noteworthy that while in the k-12 system, she was named Sacramento’s educator of the year. This recognition stemmed primarily from her outstanding efforts to improve the education for children and adults with multiple challenges. She was a governor’s appointee on the advisory board of California’s criminal justice system to study the educational needs of incarcerated juveniles and adults and helped develop curriculum for the state’s homeless youth. She advised state officials on delineation of function in adult education and community colleges and served on the council of school reform and 2 blue ribbon commissions to make an assessment of educational conditions in two Sacramento school districts.

Dr. Mahone gives back in other ways. In order to gain a better understanding of the needs of foster youth in Sacramento county she established an interactive dialog among her university students and foster youth organizations. She is a life member of California state university’s alumni association and a founding member of the black alumni chapter at CSUS. She independently funds scholarships for selected future educators, organizes food drives and donations for needy families and is a tireless advocate for the country’s most valuable asset; our children.

She served as professor to many of the area’s principals and superintendents and further assisted them in obtaining their masters and doctorates.

Dr. Mahone is the President/Ceo of vision 2000 and the founder of the college prep math & reading academy where struggling kindergarten through 8th grade students are transported from their schools to Sacramento state to strengthen their reading and math skills. Her unique approach to 21st century education has generated “out-of-the-box” thinking which resulted in the creation of a “college and career” day that features pilots landing helicopters among the students as several other career specialists discuss the significance of education to students’ future. The program also features doctors, attorneys, police officers, professional sports figures as well as assorted vocational education careers. In addition, students are taken on field trips including the Sacramento zoo, Crocker art museum, Sacramento river cats, jelly belly factory and the nimbus fish hatchery. The program is primarily successful because it includes the support and presence of parents from orientation to graduation.
In 2015 she was honored by the California state legislature and named as one of California’s 12 unsung heroes & trailblazers. Recently, California state university, Sacramento recognized and selected her as the recipient of the university’s outstanding community service award.

She recently co-authored a book entitled, legacies: a guide for young black women in planning their future.

In august 2015, an elementary school opened in Sacramento bearing the name: hazel Mahone college prep.

In May of 2019, Dr. Mahone was selected by President Robert Nelsen as the distinguished recipient of an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.

Dr. Hazel Mahone is highly skilled and experienced in working in both the public and private sectors and is one of our state’s most dedicated, resilient & respected educators.

Her advice for success is: “excellence in all you do” and a message from Maya Angelou: “people may not remember everything you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

The award is presented annually to an outstanding community member who exemplifies the essence of Dr. King’s dream.

2020 – Dr. Hazel Mahone, CEO of Vision 2000 and Veteran Educator

2019 – Vivek Ranadivé,Owner, Sacramento Kings and The Sacramento Kings

2018 – Susan Savage, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of the Sacramento River Cats

2017 – Scott Syphax, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Nehemiah Companies

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2015 – Darrell Steinberg, Former Senate President Pro Tem, California State Senate

2014 – Vance W. Raye, Presiding Justice of the Third District Court of Appeal

2013 – Dr. Alan Rowe, Founder the United College Action Network

2012 – Grantland Johnson, Former Sacramento County Supervisor

2011 – Carlotta Walls LaNier, President, Little Rock Foundation

2011 – Bishop Emeritus Francis A. Quinn

2010 – Velma Stokley Flournoy, Founder of the Miss Black Sacramento Scholarship Pageant

2009 – Derrell and Tina Roberts, Co-Founders, Roberts Family Development Center

2008 – Honorable James Long, Superior Court of Sacramento County

2007 – C.C. Yin, President, Yin-McDonald’s

2006 – Allen Warren, President, New Faze Development

2005 – Fahiza Alim, Journalist (co-recipient)

2005 – Fran Barker, Community Activist (co-recipient)

2004 – Angelo Tsakapoulos, Chair, AKT Development Corporation

2003 – Dr. William Lee, Founder and Publisher of THE OBSERVER Newspapers

2002 – Fred Teichert, Executive Director, Teichert Foundation